Temple Sholom - Cincinnati, OH

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Temple Sholom's Vision in a Music Video  

  Enjoy Temple Sholom's new Music Video sharing Rabbi T's vision. 

THE SYNAGOGUE REVOLUTION: A MUSICAL!!! from Temple Sholom Cincinnati on Vimeo.

If you like our vision and want to support it, please consider a donation.


Rabbi Miriam Terlinchamp of Temple Sholom, a Reform Jewish Synagogue in Cincinnati, Ohio

Rabbi Miriam Terlinchamp joined Temple Sholom in July 2010.  Rabbi Terlinchamp has brought great personal warmth, spirituality, and innovation to our Temple Community. She hopes to see you during our services and programs.

Rabbi Terlinchamp Video - Why Synagogues Need to Change!  

  Watch Rabbi Terlinchamp's inspiring, entertaining, and uplifting video about WHY SYNAGOGUES NEED TO CHANGE.  

Rabbi Terlinchamp is starting an important conversation about attracting new members to Temple Sholom and synagogues nationwise.  

Her new video is Part 1 of a series. 
Stay tuned for Part II.

WHY SYNAGOGUES NEED TO CHANGE!! from Temple Sholom on Vimeo.

Young Family Programs at Temple Sholom  

Rabbi Elana Dellal, who will be leading Temple Sholom

Under the leadership of Rabbi Elana Dellal, Temple Sholom leads our innovative "Open Dor" project, which engages young professionals and young families in relationship building with programming and interactive worship opportunities.    

This project includes KIDdish Shabbats for families with young children.   We've also now added a KIDdish playgroup that meets every other week at local family friendly coffee shops. The play group is free of charge and is open to all.  

We are partners with PJ Library, for more information about PJ Library please click the logo below.

Temple sholom picture link to PJ Library cincinnati ohio

For more info on all of these programs, email Rabbi Dellal at opendor@templesholom.net

Our Community  
Welcome Home to Temple Sholom  

Welcome Home to Temple Sholom

Temple Sholom is a unique Reform Jewish community where prayers come in many forms and you can come as you are. Welcome Home To Sholom.    We believe every person counts and everyone is welcome, including Jews by Birth, Jews by Choice, and Interfaith families. 

You can also join us online with our Stream Home to Sholom program, which allowed over 1600 people across 26 countries to worship with us during the High Holy Days in 2013.  We stream  Shabbat services every month and will live stream Rosh Hashanah, Kol Nidre, and Yom Kippur services for High Holy Days 2014 (5775).   Find our full streaming schedule on our Community page.    You can go to our Streaming Page and our video archive by clicking the camera below:

This is the streaming picture for Temple Sholom in Cincinnati, Ohio that is used to go to our livestream page and video archive

Upcoming Programs and Services  
Contact Information  
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